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Nama software Phphelpdesk 1.0.2
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Lisensi Gpl
Versi 1.0.2
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Sistem operasi Windows, Linux, Mac Os, Bsd, Solaris
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PHPHelpdesk started out for one main reason I couldnt find a better package available to do exactly what I wanted So I wrote this HELPDESK application I started out with a small application that allowed users to login and submit tickets Soon new features started to come Before I knew it the application had grown larger than I expected More people started to use it and My Life started to get busier Ive moved across the country a few times and focused on other aspects of my life Needless to say Ive neglected this project Version 1 0 currently supports managing user accounts departments and categories It allows users to submit tickets and rate their priority It allows many users to login and work on the tickets to resolve the problems It also has some limited reporting functionality and will send emails to an assigned user Version 2 0 which I am currently starting to design will be a complete rewrite of the applicaiton from the ground up Although I graduated with a BA in Computer Information systems Ive lost much of my programming skills over the years and will be looking to regain this knowledge by reviewing other programming websites in order to make this version a lot better you can free download PHPHelpdesk 1 0 2 now