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Nama software Hermes 0.0.26
Harga software Gratis
Lisensi Freeware
Versi 0.0.26
Pembuat Tinpot Software
Sistem operasi Windows Vista, 2003, Xp, 2000, 98, Me, Nt
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Hermes is a fully featured POP3 SMTP server for sending and recieving email to multiple users Fully multithreaded For optimal performance Script server Allows you to Process scripts at all levels of server operation scripts can ping a remote Mail Server in initiate mail delivery they can send auto responder emails virus check emails perform database operations and much much more Full relaying control Security features to specify who can and who cannot use your server WebMail Send and read your emails directly from the server while you are out of The Office Features include sending replying etc Best effort delivery The server can intelligently redirect emails to recipients it does recognise e g send emails for inof mycompany com can be redirected to info mycompany com Or emails can be sent to administrator so that emails do not have to get bounced back to the Sender Multiple domains and address rewriting Hermes can handle multiple domain names effectively allowing you to become an ISP Hermes can also rewite email addresses e g send info mycompany com to fred mycompany com Scheduler Allows you to schedule when Hermes dials up to the Internet to send and recieve emails Ideal for home dial up and ISDN users List server Build a mailing list to send a single email to multiple recipients Users can also automatically subscribe and unsubscribe Runs as a service Hermes runs as a service on Windows NT and 2000 meaning that it runs in the background without any user intervention and can automatically start when the PC is booted up you can free download Hermes 0 0 26 now

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