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Mp3 Organizer Pro

Nama software Mp3 Organizer Pro 3.0.3
Harga software Gratis
Lisensi Freeware
Versi 3.0.3
Pembuat Evolution Team
Sistem operasi Windows Xp, 2000, 98, Me, Nt
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MP3 Organizer PRO is small free and powerful MP3 organizing tool with over 100 different functions It supports saving and loading from different formats like TXT CLS M3U HTML DOC XLS Mop DAT Saving all your audio or Mp3 CDs to database also saving all your favourite lyrics so you have them when you need them New graphical presentations of different bit rates lyrics existence Active Window different styles of ticks to show you different information and overall look to help you visual as much as possible More than 64 different styles of printing CD covers Front back cover add your own title for CD or your signature number for every line draw different borders set different numbers of columns and this is just scratching the surface Use your favourite player or take advantage of build in player Play part of the song from beginning Middle end or just anywhere to recall the song youve been searching for Organize list by setting the correct case one letter big all big just author Change those annoying separators to your prefered ones and you can do this for files list or even directories Make FileNames out of ID3 tags or make ID3 tags out of filenames Exchange data Between different ID3 tags versions Features Easy track numberingSet track numbers for your album by drag and dropping files onto a list and sorting them its fast easy and intuitive You will never need to manually set each track number again Print coverPrinting covers has never been so easy just select style of printing type of cover front back set title or author or both draw supporting lines for cutting or put an image for a cover All settings are saved so the next time you can print without setting anything Synchronize ID3 v1 and v2 tagsIf your ID3 tags are a mess then use this function It will check which version is missing v1 v2 and it will fill it with information from the other tag So if you have some files you can free download Mp3 Organizer Pro 3 0 3 now

Evolution Team