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Refer a Friend

Nama software Refer a Friend 2.1
Harga software Gratis
Lisensi Freeware
Versi 2.1
Pembuat The Pcman Website
Sistem operasi Windows, Linux, Mac Os, Bsd, Solaris
Software yang diperlukan Perl 5 or Higher

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This script will allow a visitor to your site refer your website to their friend Uses custom colors message and email address log After referral they are sent to a confirmation PaGE and then redirected to your homepage Built In Features 1 The scripts are easy to setup eliminating the need to waste lots of time trying to get them to work 2 They will seamlessly integrate into your site so the user doesnt feel they are jumping around to different sites with different looks We like uniformity and Continuity 3 Our scripts are good for beginners to set up with simple instructions we even include images and Default headers that could be used as is if desired all of our scripts use the same type images and page layout so if someone purchased several of our scripts they would have a similar look 4 The set up of our scripts is very similar if you set up one you know how to set up the others This makes it easy you dont need to re learn every one 5 We like to send a user a Thank You email this can be turned on or off your choice This can be used to send the user an advertisement or promotional material even if it is just your site name and Link 6 We add many features to each script for the user while still keeping it clean and simple to use so our scripts do more than other similar scripts This way the user will want to return to use our scripts over possible others 7 Help is available on our FAQ page with common mistake solutions and Answers to questions Support is also provided via email to help you get the script up and running should you need it We can also install the script for you at a rate dependent upon your wants and needs including any customization of the script All will be discussed and prices will be agreed upon before any work starts you can free download Refer A Friend 2 1 now

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