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Java Editor Eje for Linux

Nama software Java Editor Eje for Linux 2.8
Harga software Gratis
Lisensi Freeware
Versi 2.8
Pembuat Claudio De Sio Cesari
Sistem operasi Linux
Software yang diperlukan Java Runtime Environment 1.4.x or Higher

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A simple open source Java editor created for who wants to learn Java without learning a Complex development tool EJE is just a multi platform written in Java light weight user friendly and with useful basic functionalities Created for the authors need to improve the knowledge of the swing library has been written in part using EJE itself It is also the natural development tool to be used with Il linguaggio Object Oriented Java second edition a Java language manual only italian version for a correct object oriented approach to Java world Main features are 1 You can compile and execute Java files directly from EJE EJE supports packages and Execution with args 2 Multiple files support but not multiple tasks through tabs3 Java syntax highlighting 4 File System Fast Explorer with tree this version supports work directories 5 Complete Key Navigability 6 You can undo and redo last action an unlimited number of times7 Search replace utility8 Dynamic Code Fragments and JavaBean property template inserts you can also select some text and then surround it with a code template 9 Look and feel personalization 10 You can comment selected text with a click11 You can set timer to be notified with specified time and messages12 Automatic introspection popup for members of declared objects13 You can open the standard library documentation in an integrated java browser 14 You can generate documentation of your own java source files automatically with javadoc utility15 Automatic code alignment in C or Java Style16 Fast source file navigation17 Now you can set many options font type style and size activate deactivate introspection popup braces style java version target compilation enable disable assert language look and feel Java Development Kit Documentation Output Directory Classpath and other 18 You can print your source files19 Supports Java version 6 you can free download Java Editor EJE for Linux 2 8 now

Claudio De Sio Cesari