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Nama software Sysmetrix 3.44
Harga software Gratis
Lisensi Freeware
Versi 3.44
Pembuat Nicholas Decker
Sistem operasi Windows Xp, 2000
Software yang diperlukan Tidak Memerlukan Syarat

Tags: Sysmetrix Themes, Sysmetrix Theme
SysMetrix is a skinnable clock and metering application Its purpose is to provide system metrics in a variety of interesting useful and cool ways It can monitor and report on the hundreds of statistics including Following is a partial list of some of SysMetrixs capabilities The list has gotten pretty long over the years so while there are a lot of entries it is by no means exhaustive It supports Themes to change its look and functionality you pick the size shape and even what area will be transparent It has an integrated theme browser complete with automatic preview generator It can display the time in an Analog Clock It can display various statistics like the time date memory disk uptime CPU IP address Network Traffic etc in textual form It can display various statistics in a variety of different graphical ways using histograms bargraphs sliders multi and dual state images etc It can draw the histograms and bar graphs or Paint them using images It can monitor multiple POP email accounts and report on number of unread messages and sizes It can play a sound once every hour or when there are unread email messages It can be used to display and adjust the systems volume and mute state It can be configured to refrain from playing sounds during specified periods of the day or night It can graphically depict whether the recycle bin is empty or not and whether you have unread email messages It can graphically depict whether the computer is connected to the network or not LAN and dialup It can auto scale the network traffic histograms based on past History It can synchronize your PCs clock to an NTP server Atomic clock on a configurable schedule It can anti alias the analog clock hands so they look smooth instead of jaggy It can do varying levels of transparency for the form if run on Windows 2000 or XP you can free download SysMetrix 3 44 now

Nicholas Decker